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40 days and 40 nights
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Saturday, May 24th, 2003
1:11 am
I did day five today at church during the hockey game

i said i wouldn't update when i'm like this, and i'm not

that is all
Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
10:32 pm
May 22nd Day <| I am counting too many things
gary, I wanna read ton trois ét quatré jours.

This life is preperation for the next.
This life is not all their is.
The reason we feel we should live forever is that God wired our brains with that desire!
"There are two kinds of people: those who say 'Thy will be done' to God, and those to whome God says 'Alright, have it your way'"
You will start to living in light of eternity, and that will color how you handle every relationship, task, and circumstance.
The closer you live to God the smaller everything else appears.
Death is not your termintaion, but your transition to eternity, so there are eternal consquences to everything you do on earth. ouch! not that I didn't know that, but ouch
You need to think more about eternity, not less.

Answer: I should stop living for this world and live only for the other, which will last forever, unlike this one which is short and temporary. Ignore the rewards of the world and focus on the rewards of Heaven. Think Up! I need to stop caring about about sucess here, and what constitutes it, and be willing to give up everything I have for Him. I need to understand that it doesn't matter what these people on earth think about me, because He always loves me, no matter what.

Current Mood: hungry
Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
9:31 pm
Nicole's Day Two
He custom-made your body just the way he wanted it. (Thought: I have often wondered this, did He want me 144 that I am now, or the 155 I used to be, or something else. I have yet to find an answer. I'm not sure it matters, that's what 11lbs?)

God made you so he could love you

You are alive because God wanted to create you!

Answer: Wow! Umm, I don't even know how to answer this, without it just becoming a list of my perceieved faults (real and/or imaginary). That says a lot to me about me. Here is the condensed version: weight, desire for attention, hatred for me, being average, being boring, being annoying.

Prayer and ThoughtsCollapse )

Current Mood: content
3:28 am
This is my Day One
Day One:

This is what I wrote down from the book:
You didn’t create yourself, so there is not way you can tell yourself what you were creted for.

You were made by God and for God – until you understand that life will never make sense. It is only in God that we discover our origin, our identity, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny. Every other path leads to a dead end.

It is about becoming what God created you to be.

Question: In spite of all the advertising around me, how can I remind myself that this life is really about living for God, not myself?

Answer: I need to focus myself on Him all the time, all the all the time! I need to throw myself into the Word, into His book. I need to pray more, and read more, and praise more, and worship more. I need to never ever forget about my God, or put Him on the back burner. I need to remember that nothing in this world is as important as Him.

Think hard about everything that I see and decide if it matches up with what is in the Bible. READ THE BIBLE!!

Current Mood: hungry
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